Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad
Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad
Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad
Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad
Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad
Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad

Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad

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Although we all strive to age like fine wine, we never run away from wrinkles.The Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad reduces and eliminates chest wrinkles caused by sleeping on the side, sun damage, and natural aging.

An innovative and effective anti-wrinkle remedy to use instead of applying lotions and chemical. Convenient application at night or during naps. You'll be shocked at the difference on your chest after wearing this pad the first night. Promise to give you youthful look and will make you glow in the morning.


  • Hypoallergenic, Clear and Waterproof
  • Helps Reduce Scarring and Stretch Marks
  • Soft and Comfortable, High Quality


     1. Clean your chest area and do not apply any skin care ,make sure your chest area is completely clean and dry (Sweating may interfere with the adhesion process)

  1. Place the silicone pad on the chest area for at least one hour a day or overnight.

  2. When finished, remove the silicone pad slowly in an upward motion. Wash the pad with mild soap,it is gentle for the pad.

  3. Hug it in a dry condition. Do not use towel to dry him.

  4. Once it's dry, place the silicone pad back on the plastic sheet to protect its adhesive.

      6. A pad can be reused up to 30 times(When cared for Properly)


Do not use on irritated, cut, scratched or burned skin.


  • 1 x Silicone Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad
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